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March 17, 2017
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March 17, 2017
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Split Down The Middle

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Kentucky will win tonight. I don’t believe that’s the story here…

What I really like is what Northern Kentucky University has been able to accomplish. Their first year eligible into the big dance and they’re dancing with the most historic program of all time. It’s a beautiful thing. With their 24 wins on the season including an impressive finish in their conference tournament by capturing the Horizon league championship… I believe this Norse team is only going to continue to grow into a regular name in March Madness. I don’t believe they’re a “Cinderella” due to the success they’ve had this year, but just a great story. Cinderella in my opinion wouldn’t give them their respect that they deserve… that they’ve earned.

I think eventually they’ll be the team that nobody wants to play in the first round, because they’ll be a force to be reckon with… a Norse Force that is. That was corny, sorry… my Norse blood just came out a bit. This year, with Drew McDonald and Lavone Holland II playing so well, they’re a fun team to watch. Looking back now, I should have gone to some games this year at NKU. My friend Rick Broering (who writes for Enquirer Sports and Xavier Scout) invited me several times this season, but unfortunately I never made it out to one. However, it was fun tracking them throughout the year on social media.

Being an NKU graduate… I definitely will be cheering for them to compete well. I do think they could come out strong and fired up, or Kentucky’s talent will just shine from beginning to end with a 20+ point victory. Whether Kentucky wins by a lot or a little… I think NKU will keep their heads high, and we should congratulate them on their success.

The exposure that Northern is getting from being in the tournament is just fantastic for the university. It’s a great story line, and even though I bleed blue and want Kentucky to win (and eventually advance to the Final Four)… there is a part of me that’s split right down the middle:

Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

Shoutout to my mom for sewing two of my shirts together last night.


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