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March 21, 2017
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Don’t Give Up On Briscoe

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

I cannot stress that enough. Don’t give up on Briscoe. I’ve heard a few times this season from ‘fans’ that ”Kentucky plays better without Briscoe”. Are you kidding me? Who’s the kid here? That’s a Mike Gundy reference, but seriously… Briscoe helps keep this team together. Sure, he’s had a few technicals, but I believe that’s only rooted in his passion and love for the game. He’s a competitor. He strives to be a winner. Watch his video documentary, “They Ain’t Come From Where I Come From” here.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

Briscoe is a baller. Let me point out a couple things I noticed during the WSU game, and I hope to see again during the UCLA game…

Courtesy: CBS

He kept the three-point streak going. Sure, we were probably going to hit a few three-pointers, but still… his three came early in the game, at the top of the key, and really got the momentum started. Had he missed the three, Wichita State could’ve taken an early lead and put us in a tough position.

Courtesy: ESPN

He made the three, had several assists and rebounds, but what the box score doesn’t show is his leadership on the court. You can’t teach it. Watch Briscoe during the game. He’s always coaching… always talking… always focused on the play at hand. He doesn’t like losing, so I believe he’ll do whatever it takes to get the “W”. When you watch his post-game or pre-game interviews, you’ll notice he doesn’t talk much. I can’t speak for him, but I believe some of it has to do with Isaiah Briscoe being only concerned about playing basketball. As a fan, you’ve got to love that type of mentality. You want a player on your team who is so focused on the game that miscellaneous things don’t matter.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

I don’t think anyone in the NCAA can finish the way Zay finishes around the rim. I know there’s a great chance he’ll go pro after this year, but hopefully he stays another year (that’s me being selfish and unrealistic, I know)!

Cheer on the Cats this Friday as they hopefully take down UCLA.


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