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March 28, 2017
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March 29, 2017
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Dear Big Blue Nation, John Higgins is a Human.

Hey BBN,

After a heartbreaking loss it’s normal to feel defeated, angered, and want to blame someone else. That’s okay. NCAA official John Higgins may not have had his best night, I’ll not dispute that. What I will dispute is how very bad a select few are impacting the image of our whole state.

After a few tweets of screenshots, I found myself on Higgins’ business Facebook page. I didn’t enjoy reading the negativity from some of our fanbase. Attempts to destroy his credibility as a businessman, attacks on his work outside of the game of basketball, and attacks on his family? That is not who we are.

Who we are is 8-Time National Champions. We are Comeback Cats. We are Rupp’s Runts. We are the Beardless Wonders. We are the Unforgettables.

Those of you who logged in to provide some light in all that darkness, who tried to defend the good name of the Big Blue Nation — thank you and keep it up. Let’s always show that not only are we the Winningest Program in the History of College Basketball, but that we both win and lose with poise, grace, and class.

John Higgins is a human. He has good days as well as bad — we all do. Let us not forget that.

Go Cats.

Kayla VanHoose

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