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March 28, 2017
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March 30, 2017
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I should still be in grieving mode. I should still be avoiding social media. I should be avoiding all sporting news. I shouldn’t be embarrassed, yet I am.

It takes my mind and heart a few days to “reboot” each year when basketball season ends. It is a process. A process that I go through every year when it’s over. It happens no matter how far the CATS advance. There is still the end. A drought that will last until October.

I had hoped to write a post this week about this team. The smiles, the tears, and the ride they took us on this season but that is not the headline. The headline is embarrassing and not a reflection of our fan base.  It is a reflection of a few fans(?) who decided to attack a man, his family, and his business.

Were there bad calls in the game? Yes, there was.

Were there missed opportunities by the CATs in the last few minutes? Yes, there was.

Sports Journalists cannot be chastised for writing about the BBN attacking John Higgins. They did not create the headlines. The fans(?) who retweeted, encouraged and laughed are solely responsible for the front page news.

We hold our coaching staff and players to a higher standard.  We expect them to fight on the court.  We expect them to be mature enough to handle situations off the court.  Should we not be the same?

Big Blue Nation we are better than this…


  1. John Peters says:

    Character Matters on every level, great points Tina Cox!!

  2. Tina Cox says:

    Thanks John. Thoughts from the heart!

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