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May 4, 2017
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May 7, 2017
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Potts and Willis set the date


After his proposal to girlfriend Keely Potts on his Senior Night at Kentucky, Derek Willis became a national name. During his autograph tour across the state in April, he was asked often about that proposal.

“We got asked about it every single stop,” Potts said. “We also got a lot of cards from fans and a lot of hugs.”

They have set Aug. 4, 2018, at Heartland Golf Club in Elizabethtown for the wedding. That gives Willis a year to see how his professional basketball career works out.

“My family owns the golf course with another family,” Potts said. “But it won’t be open to the public. Sorry. So many fans have asked if they could come or if the wedding could be at Rupp Arena. We are going to have to let the fans down on that one.”

But it is not just casual UK fans asking the couple questions.

“Guys have been texting Derek asking if they are going to be in his wedding. He just tells them we have not even had time to think about that yet,” Potts said.

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