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That Red Shirt

I can remember many years ago watching a small child playing golf on a national morning show. The father towered over the small child announcing him as “the next great golfer” to the viewing audience.

I never gave another thought to that segment until years later when a young man Tiger began his journey into golf history.

The emergence of Tiger onto the golf scene made people like to watch golf and in some cases gave people (both men and women) a desire to learn the game. He had one of the biggest impacts by one person on any sport in history.

I actually starting watching golf just to see Tiger play. He was so easy to like. Waiting for the red shirt to appear on the 1st tee became a ritual on Sundays.

The world watched as Tiger grew up. He married and had children all while his game progressed to a level no others could compete with.

Then the downfall began.

I can’t say that Tiger hit rock bottom this weekend. Every person must define that themselves. All I will say is that his arrest for DUI saddened me.

I had hoped for a Tiger comeback. I longed to see the image of his fist pump on the 18th hole for a win just one more time.

As for his future, I hope Tiger has a support system surrounding him that will get him the help he needs. Who knows…maybe one day we will see that red shirt again.

There will always be just one Tiger.

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