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If It Were Your School…

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I know. Trust me, I know. Hearing reports out of the NCAA about Louisville and what’s going to happen with their wins, their titles (Big East, ACC, NCAA), and possibly their banners… could lead you to share some sort of joy in their shortcomings. However, I ask, ‘What if it were your school?

Well if it were our school (Kentucky)… those ‘dirty birds’ would do it to us!

Sure, some fans may… but would all? No. Not all of them. In the same way as a UK fan… I wouldn’t want to hear it from them if we were in their shoes… can you maybe resist from tweeting that tweet? Flip the script on them. Don’t say anything. I love the rivalry, but let’s just keep it to the game. I honestly feel bad for the Louisville fans. Imagine all those wins… all those ticket purchases… memorabilia… and everything else that goes into years and years of history… vacated. Sure, you still have the memories… but with an asterisk.

I know some of you reading this will disagree, and I get why you would. I believe that Pitino was wrong for not monitoring what was going on. Whether he knew about it or not… consequences should come with the violations at hand but let’s just worry about ourself. Worry about getting Number 9. Worry about beating Louisville again this year in football and move on. I guess I just get sick and tired of finding out Louisville-related things on social media based upon what Kentucky fans are tweeting in such a negative light. We’re better than this. I know it’s not all of you… don’t get it twisted, but let us represent Kentucky… the state… the best way that we can. Sometimes you can make a bigger sound by not saying a word.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,


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