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T-Shirt Swag

There is a whole section in my closet dedicated to my “Kentucky Wardrobe.” Blue and white shirts, coordinating cardigans, a purse, shoes, vests and just maybe a pair of LulaRoes. Among this organized fan section there are an abundance of t-shirts.

I cannot bring myself to part with my Kentucky t-shirts. The strangeness of this is that I am not one to wear t-shirts. I might throw one on to run some quick errands but they are not my fashion item of choice. However, when planning a vacation they are an essential item.

I noticed this on a trip to Disney World in June, 2009. I strutted my t-shirt swag every day while walking with thousands at the happiest place on earth. I wanted to see Memphis fans and gloat. I wanted people to know I was a CAT fan and we were back. I longed for confrontation with a stranger. I won’t go into details but it did occur while waiting in line for Splash Mountain.

Kentucky fans proudly display their fan gear on vacations. I make sure when the bags are packed I have at least three Kentucky t-shirts ready to go.

It is absolutely necessary to wear one if you are flying out of Louisville, You need to be armed as you enter enemy territory and of course when you land at your destination you have to strut your “swag” as you wander through the terminals with thousands of others.

There is also that moment when you pass a fellow cat fan. The acknowledgement of “Go Cats” by a stranger is universal language for members of the BBN.

I have a few shirts that will never be worn again. “Free Enes” and “Stay Calm the Twins Are Coming” will remain in my closet. I’m just not ready to retire them to the rubbermaid container quite yet.

I’m leaving in a few weeks and have my t-shirts ready to be put in the suitcase. Who knows who I might run into in Vegas. The NBA Summer League will be playing so Im sure they will initiate some interesting conversations.


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