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June 20, 2017
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The Green (Dream) Room

A young boy shoots a jumper. The sun is setting. Daylight is fading quickly. Yet, the young boy dribbles and shoots over and over until the basket is no longer visible. This is rural America. This is a backyard. This is an inner city playground. This is a young boy working to achieve his dream.

On Thursday evening we will watch as that dream comes true for the young men selected to become the rookie class for the 2017-2018 NBA season.

The Green Room will be elbow to elbow with the stars of the past season. Players will be surrounded by their families anxiously awaiting to hear their name called. Hugs and handshakes will be given and Kentucky players will get a Coach Cal embrace as they make their way to the stage. They will take the obligatory picture and do the required media interview. Their lives will change instantly. They will become men living their childhood dream.


The NBA Draft has become a closure for Kentucky fans. The question is never “will we have a player drafted?”, but “what pick will they be?”  It is a time to say thank you for wearing the blue and white and closing the door on the past season while anxiously waiting until October when the door reopens.

If Fox is not taken by the Lakers at #2 look for him to go to Sacramento at #5. I just cannot see the Suns taking him at #4 although they love them some Kentucky guards. Personally I hope he goes at #2 so we can put this Ball stuff to rest finally. I will predict if this happens, Lonzo’s dad will have something to say, imagine that.

Monk is projected to go #8 to the Knicks, however I still think he could end up at Orlando with pick #6. After all his smile would fit perfectly in the city which claim to contain the “happiest place in the world.”

Bam is the mystery. He received an invitation to the green room this week. Rumors have it he could be picked in the top twenty but there is nothing solid. The only thing I hope is that he is not sitting in the green room all by himself.

Best of luck guys!
Thanks for memories and always remember “Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat.”

Go Big Blue!!

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