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Academics and Athletics are important to Vanderbilt


“He gets his looks and smarts from his mother, not me,” Robert Vanderbilt on his son, UK freshman basketball player Jarred Vanderbilt.

Experience is a good thing for a college basketball team. Robert Vanderbilt, a former college assistant coach, understands that. But he also thinks Kentucky coach John Calipari can make up for a lack of collegiate experience with this year’s team that includes Jarred Vanderbilt, Robert’s son.

“He has got the type of players that are going to be hungry and play hard every day next season,” Robert Vanderbilt said. “These kids have been playing ball most of their life. Jarred played at the high school level since 7th grade. Talent can compete with experience and Cal is going to have plenty of talent to work with.

“You can have the best talent but if you can not coach them, you are not going to win. Cal knows how to coach guys that are high caliber talent.”

Jarred Vanderbilt is high caliber on and off the court. He was valedictorian of his graduating class and a National Honor Society member.

“We have always stressed academics first,” Robert Vanderbilt said. “You have to be academically sound as well as athletically sound. We stressed that a lot.”


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