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June 22, 2017
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June 22, 2017
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The waiting for Fox is almost over

De'Aaron Fox Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics


Kentucky guard De’Aaron Fox should be one of the early picks in Thursday’s NBA draft. Kentucky coach John Calipari noted how when John Wall went to Washington as the No. 1 overall pick, the coach tried to tell everyone it takes more than one player to have a winning franchise.

Calipari said as the Wizards added more talent, Wall got better and better.

“Wherever he (Fox) goes, he’s going to be one piece and he will do his job and he will lead, but there isn’t anybody in this draft that’s going to go take a team and get them 15 more wins,” Calipari said. “Now, he may lead, if the team is tweaked and now you add him to some other guys, he can be a part of it, yes.

“But these kids, again, are 18. It’s a different day and age. There aren’t 23- and 24-year-olds going into the NBA now. They’re 19 and 18.”

So what does a team get if it picks Fox?

“An unbelievable personality, will be great in the locker room, knows how to be a great teammate, is willing to share, will defer to someone else who has it going, has a tough wiriness to him,” Calipari said. “Because I looked at his legs when I saw him. When I recruited him, I was like, ‘Look at this dude’s legs. He can’t be this skinny.’

“Then all of a sudden he went out there and those skinny legs ran real fast and he’s tough. He’ll go in and get hit and banged, he’s fine. The thing about the 3-point shooting is the least of my worries with him. What I love is, if you want to pick up and play a little bit where they can’t just run your offense right down on top of you, he’s pretty good. And he has a personality that will play in all these communities.

“The NBA, what’s happened is the best players are all good guys, which is what the NBA wants. That’s why the NBA is so hot right now. The best players are great guys.”


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