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July 6, 2017
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Egypt: A Family Affair


Paul Washington and his wife, Sherry, decided that if their son P.J. Washington was going to Egypt to play for Team USA in the under 19 FIBA World Cup, they were going with him.

“Our son is here, so if he goes, we come out with him,” Paul Washington said Sunday after Team USA’s easy win over Angolia. “It’s just the two of us. We left our other two children at home. It’s been a wild ride, but it has been fun.”

That includes the chance the players and coaches had to ride camels last week. John Calipari, the team’s head coach, tweeted that he won the camel race.

“I think all the guys were having a blast. None of them had been on camels before — and probably won’t be again,” Paul Washington said.

P.J. Washington and USA teammate Hamidou Diallo will both be around Calipari plenty this season at Kentucky. Paul Washington said it has been good for his son to get accustomed to how Calipari coaches.

“It has been good for P.J. to get in better shape playing and getting to to play for Cal and see how he coaches,” Paul Washington, the head coach at Findlay Prep (Las Vegas), said. “We talked today after the game about free throws. Cal told him he was just going to keep going to him and for him to take his time, get to the line and make those shots.

“Cal will keep going at him to make free throw shooting a strength. So hopefully by October and November both him and Hami will have built a really good comfort level with Cal.”

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