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Mulder’s father to speak at Ohio Kentucky Convention


Randy Mulder, father of former UK basketball player Mychal Mulder, will be one of several featured speakers at the annual Ohio UK Convention July 15 in Franklin, Ohio.

His son played only sparingly as UK. He shot 36.5 percent from 3-point range and 92.3 percent at the foul line his senior season. He played at least 10 minutes in 10 of his final 19 games and hit at least one 3-pointer in 21 of 32 games he played last season.

Naturally, his father would have liked to see him play more.

“He talked to me as a sounding board. He knows he should have been out there more than he was,” Randy Mulder said. “But he has no regrets. He would say he was learning from the best and loved his teammates.”

“At times I was not happy with the coach. I asked Jim if I could say anything bad about the coach,” Randy Mulder laughed and said. “Seriously, sometimes I got frustrated with Mychal, too. I told him Canadians are too nice and too giving. I told him to be more American and more selfish on the court. That’s not a knock. He just need to think more about himself at time.

“I told him guys were taking bread off his table. But he doesn’t worry about that because Dad has always given him everything he needs. He’s not had to struggle for things or had a real sense of urgency to get ahead.”

At Rupp Arena, Randy Mulder was popular with everyone. He often got to games way early despite coming from Canada. It wasn’t unusual for him to talk with fans or pose for photographs.

“I am a bit of a chatty cat. I am like the old man in the grocery. Once you make eye contact with me, I am going to talk. I an Canadian. I am friendly,” Randy Mulder said. “I am very outgoing, friendly and approachable. That’s why people talk to me and I talk right back.”

Others scheduled to speak at the Ohio UK Convention include former UK players Terry and Cameron Mills; Corporal Matthew Bradford; Tina Cox and Jennifer and Freddie Maggard. Convention registration is only $25 and you can go to the convention website ( for more information or to register. If you have questions, contact Jim Porter at 937-746-8758 or David Starkey (937-974-4411) or Mike Johnson (

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