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The Sins of the Father

Let’s be honest:  LaVar Ball is very difficult to like.  His boorish behavior, outlandish comments, and the media’s insistence to always put a microphone in his face have contributed to a healthy level of dislike for the father of the Lakers’ lottery pick (#2 overall in the 2017 draft), Lonzo Ball.   Most unfortunate, however, is a large number of people who are actively cheering for Lonzo to fail simply because he is LaVar Ball’s son.  In short, the public wants Lonzo Ball to pay for the perceived sins of his father.

Watch this video compilation of LaVar and you’ll see some of the reasons he is so disliked:

The constant media presence and Ball’s over-the-top claims about how good his sons are have put a huge target on the back of Lonzo Ball.  No, this is not right.  No, Lonzo is not responsible for what his father says.  And no, regardless of what LaVar says, Lonzo is still a very talented basketball player who deserves better than what he is currently getting from the public at large.

To be fair, there are questions about Lonzo’s game, specifically his defense (or lack thereof) and his odd shooting form that puts a question mark on his ability to be a consistent scorer in the NBA.  Both of these issues were on display in Ball’s NBA debut in Summer League play last night.   Lonzo had a poor shooting performance (2-15 from the field, 1-11 from beyond the arc) and committed 3 turnovers.  Ball was getting roasted on social media during the game, with his detractors seemingly ignoring the great passing that Lonzo displayed.  He had 5 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals, so clearly he’s not as incompetent as some would have you believe.

One Summer League game does not a career make.  One loud-mouthed father with all the delicacy of a bull in a china closet does not define his children.  Don’t make Lonzo pay for the sins of his father.

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