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A Father, A Son, A Dream


Randy Mulder received a phone call from Mychal late last week. Mychal had just arrived in Las Vegas to participate in the NBA Summer League with the Toronto Raptors.

“Mychal asked me to come to Vegas. I rearranged my schedule, made reservations and arrived a few days later. He needed me and I did not want to miss the opportunity to see him play on this level,” explained Randy.

I met with Mychal and Randy late Tuesday evening in the lobby of the Encore in Las Vegas. It was a welcome sight when they appeared both wearing UK gear. I had spent five days in a city of fun where only about 10% of the population even knew there was a basketball tournament in town.

Randy & Michael Mulder

Mychal had been home two weeks when he received the call from the Raptors. He was traveling to visit friends in Toronto when he received the invitation to join their Summer League team.

There was no time for training camp. The first practice was held when the team arrived in Las Vegas. They practice, eat and play. There is not time to enjoy any of what Las Vegas has to offer. “I haven’t even seen the pool,” Mychal laughed. “I will have time later in my life to enjoy a trip to Las Vegas.  I am here to take a step toward my dream.”

He has talked to most of his former teammates and has watched them play. “Don’t worry about Dom. He is playing behind Fox and Mason, two of the best point guards in the nation. Dom will be fine, he is tough.”

Mychal has developed a good relationship with the Raptor’s coaching staff. “It is really good having a Kentucky connection on the coaching staff (Head Coach Dwayne Casey)). I have heard stories that he was ‘Boogie’ before Boogie arrived.”

“I practiced with the best players in the country for two years. Those practices prepared me for this moment.”

Mychal plans a stop in Lexington when Summer League concludes to visit the guys. Randy also is planning on attending games next year. Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat.

The smile on Randy’s face as Mychal speaks tells a story. The supportive father and the son watching a dream unfold together. This is how is should be.

Go get it Mychal!

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