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Slax Never Slacks

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

­This article is going to be a bit different than my traditional posts. Typically you can find me writing about a particular game or individual player… however this article is going to focus on one person who allows me to bring the content I cover, to you. That person… Susan Lax (often referred to as Slax). For starters… that’s the dopest nickname anyone could have. I was often called ‘Bish’ growing up but if you think about it… sometimes it can get misinterpretted in translation .

Anyway… Susan Lax has been working for UK athletics for over 18 years. Within the past couple years, she transitioned into the primary UK football media relations contact. Well, what does that mean to you as a member of the Big Blue Nation? So, do y’all remember this video of Benny Snell after Kentucky beat Louisville last year in football (I can’t say that enough):

That video doesn’t happen without Slax. As the Associate Director of Media Relations, one of her many tasks is organizing which student-athletes connect with the media. Susan does a good job rotating the athletes in-and-out to the media for interviews (similar to the interview above) all-the-while ‘taking care of the athletes’, so that the media doesn’t overstep their boundaries. Not that the media ever does that… but just in case it were to ever happen one day .

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

The main reason I wanted to write this article though was because of the picture above. At the Blue and White game this year… it was so amazing… and actually a beautiful sight to see all these former Kentucky football players come up to Slax… smile, hug her, and ask her how she’s doing. I only captured one photo, but believe me… there could’ve been a dozen. To think that one person could have such an influence and impact in their role that individuals who no longer are actively engaged with that person still want to reconnect… is pretty rare. Seeing this at the #BlueWhite game was an encouragement to me to help challenge me to make an impact like Slax on wherever and whomever I come in contact with in my career. What about you? Do you want to see people who you’ve helped or have been engaged with in the past? Bigger question… do they want to see you?

Make a difference in the lives you encounter like Slax has and maybe you could receive a hug from someone like CJ Johnson 

This article didn’t even do full justice to her role and all that she does for Kentucky Athletics (always on the go and never slacking...), but I just thought the BBN should know that there are people (often behind the scenes) who help you get the content that you receive daily. So do yourself a favor and follow Slax on Twitter here!


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