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July 20, 2017
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How Strong Are You?

Photo: Andrew Bishop,


How strong are you? You may not be a Julius Campbell or a Gerry Bertier, but we all have strength that stems from inside of us. Whether you believe it or not, you do. So what would make me write this post tonight and what am I talking about? Was it because I was drinking my Red Bull and felt stronger as if I had wings? No. Was it because I was watching the Avengers with a good friend and wanted to smash my pillows like Hulk? No. Though both true… I received a tweet tonight that literally shook me:

That’s right folks. Big Ryan Cremeens, who I wrote about earlier this year, is three months free of cancer. This news alone not only ‘makes my night’ as cliche as that sounds… but literally makes every reason I got into journalism… seem… real. Let me word it like this… I never thought that attending a UK Football game, taking pictures, and writing an article could shape me. I always dreamed that I would have ‘life-changing’ moments, but if you told me to script it out… I couldn’t.

In life, it never seems to work out the way we vision, you know? So over time that dream that I once had… disappeared. I thought I could take some dope photos… maybe get a few retweets and likes… follow it up with a Bible verse tweet and maybe chop it up with someone who’s struggling with their faith. That was is kind of my formula. I never thought that my life would be rocked by a young man (not boy) who is now three months cancer free. I’m glad it was though… I wouldn’t have it any other way. It just goes to show you that life is so much more than pigskin on Saturday. There are moments… and more importantly, there are people, who can unintentionally change your life and strengthen you… just when you need it… and that person to me… is Ryan Cremeens.

Though we’ve never spoken Ryan… you’ve said everything you’ve needed to. Thank you for being the strongest person I know.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

So I ask again… how strong are YOU?


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