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July 22, 2017
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Julius Randle in Lexington For Skills Camp

Julius Randle returned to Lexington for the inaugural Julius Randle Skills Camp held at Memorial Coliseum.  The camp was one of a series that Coach Cal has scheduled for this summer that includes instruction from the UK coaching staff, current and former players as well as some professional players, like Randle.   Media members were given the opportunity to talk with Julius for a few minutes on Saturday.

Helping kids at summer camps was an easy decision for Randle.  He really enjoys the opportunity to give back to the kids.  “Growing up, I really didn’t have the opportunity (to interact and get instruction from professional athletes).  I have fun interacting with the kids, putting a smile on their face, blocking their shot,” he finished with a sheepish grin.

Beyond the Skills Camp, Randle fielded a variety of questions, including:

  • After seeing Lonzo Ball play in the Summer League, what do you think about him?  “He makes everybody better.  He obviously can score and he just makes the game easier.
  • On rumors of Lebron James possibly going to the Lakers:  “I just focus on what I can control.”
  • How he’s adjusted to the freeways in L.A.: “I try to stay off of them!  The traffic is miserable, I’m not gonna lie.  Around here, you go 4 miles, it might take you 5 minutes.  Out there, 4 miles might take you 25 minutes.”
  • His upcoming wedding – what does he think Coach Cal will give him as a wedding present: “It better be something really good!”

Randle clearly still has a lot of love for Lexington and for the Big Blue Nation.  He stated how much he missed the “feeling of community” that exists in Lexington and he always enjoys the opportunity to come back.

We always enjoy it when Julius comes back, too.

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