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July 22, 2017
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Top Ten Moments: UK Women’s Football Clinic

Ladies of the UK Women's Football Clinic.

Today, UK Football held the 16th annual UK Women’s Football Clinic in the Woodford Reserve Club at Kroger Field. 260 ladies were in attendance and everyone seemed to have a ball. Here are the top ten moments of the morning’s event.

10. Eddie Gran did not tell any jokes, although he did poke a little fun at himself for last years comedic debacle.

9. The coaches talked football with the ladies; no “dumbing it down.” Their presentations included a ton of film, and if you walked out without learning something new, you are Freddie Maggard reincarnated.

Coach addresses the ladies at #UKFBWC.

8. The hype video was outstanding. If that did not get you fired up for football season, your wood is wet.

7. House and Gran’s offense/defense banter back and forth was classic.

6. Austin MacGinnis said of his NFL dreams, “If I make it, I make it. If not, God has a different plan for me.”

5. MacGinnis recounting his game-winning kick vs. UofL while sporting a devilish smile. He said that the crowd just went silent.

4. Anytime the win over Louisville was mentioned, the ladies erupted with cheers. Those shouts were as reliable as clockwork.

3. The ladies got a guided tour of the training facility. That place is nothing short of amazing.

How do you measure up?

2. Vince Marrow gave us a ton of great material to laugh about and cheer for:

  • While drawing tickets for door prizes, he asked the sound guy to play “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. He sang along with his own twist on the lyrics: “My mama told me when I was young… to beat Louisville.”
  • When asked about a 2018 recruit that he is not allowed to comment on, after a pause to choose his words carefully (as to say within compliance) he simply remarked, “[Rival recruiters] don’t wanna mess with the Big Dawg!”
  • When asked about his “schmoozing” technique when trying to win over the mothers of recruits, Vince says he just brings Lamar Thomas along.
  • Marrow ended his session by giving an example of his recruiting pitch. It was, as the kids say, fire.

1. The annual fashion show was, by far, the fan favorite. Charles Walker emceed the show, presenting each football player model as if they were being offered up at a date auction. Classic!

Enjoy the sights of the 2017 UK Women’s Football Clinic. It was a great success! UK Football really knows how to treat the ladies. Follow me on Twitter: @xKSYorkx


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