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Fun Facts about the 2017 Football Cats

One of the most entertaining sections of the University of Kentucky’s Football Media Guide is contained within the player biographies.  Each player submits “fun facts” the general public would not know about them.

To fill the gap between now and kickoff, I thought I would share a few.

Josh Allen #41– Josh’s non-sports talent is cooking. Maybe he could share some tailgate recipes.

Jaylin Bannerman #45– Jaylin can sew.  So now we know who the go to guy is when a needle and thread are needed.

Drew Barker #7- Drew has a pet turtle named, “Nemo.”

Blake Bone #6- Blake’s nickname is “Ghost.”  I think somehow I have missed this fact.

T.J. Carter #90- Football is not his only sport. He used to be involved in the sport of Fencing,

Danny Clark #13- Danny’s pregame routine is to listen to Johnny Cash.  Nothing like “Ring of Fire” to get you pumped.

C.J. Conrad #87- C.J.’s life’s theme song is “All I Do Is Win.”  Let’s hope this is what happens this year.

Kengera Daniel #20- While playing football in high school he also was a member of the chorus.

Mike Edwards #7- The NFL is his dream job but it that doesn’t work he would like to be a CSI Agent.

Nick Haynes #68- Nick is a great bowler and has bowled five 300 games.

Jordan Jones #34- If he is not on the field or watching game film he prefers “Jersey Shore.”

Kendall Randolph #5- If he had to pick a teammate to be stranded on a desert island with his choice would be Kash Daniel because Kash would catch all the food and build them a boat.

A.J. Rose #10- A.J. is an Eagle Scout.  I’m impressed.

Jamar Watson #31- Jamar’s quick feet on the field makes him a great tap dancer.

Walker Wood #17- Walker’s life’s theme song is “Party in the U.S.A.”

Landon Young #67- Landon is currently taking banjo lessons.

There could be some interesting music this year from Kroger Field.

So there are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about your 2017 Kentucky Football Cats!

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