Cameron Radio Staff Makes Their Football Predictions

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August 17, 2017
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Cameron Radio Staff Makes Their Football Predictions

Forget USA Today and the SEC Media predictions for the 2017 football season.  The staff at Cameron Mills Radio has made their picks and this is the only list you’ll need.   Some of the gang kept it simple while others expanded on their picks.  In either case, you can feel confident knowing these predictions were made by folks who actually watch Kentucky and SEC football!  Now let’s check out the picks:

Bradley Stevenson – Bradley sees the Cats with an 8-4 overall record (5-3 SEC, 3-1 OOC).  Bradley believes UL will come to Lexington and get revenge for last season’s loss at Papa John’s Stadium.  He also predicts heartbreaking losses to both Florida and Tennessee, while Georgia will “handle” the Cats, making the 3rd SEC loss he has predicted.  You can follow Bradley on Twitter @bss1974.




Tina Cox – Tina feels the loss of Cole Mosier will be difficult for the Cats to overcome, especially at the beginning of the season.  She has predicted a 6-6 finish for the Cats (3-5  SEC, 3-1 OOC).  Tina thinks the Cats will win all non-conference games except the season finale versus Louisville.  In the SEC, she believes UK will only win against Missouri, Ole Miss, and Vandy.  You can follow Tina on Twitter @tcox5470.




Vinny Hardy – Vinny kept his picks nice and simple;  he is calling for a 9-3 season with the Cats dropping one game out-of-conference.  He predicts a 6-2 SEC record, with the Cats finishing 2nd in the SEC East.  You can keep up with Vinny on Twitter @VinnyHardy.





Kristin York – Kristin is high on the Cats this season and sees every game as winnable, though feels it’s inevitable that UK will drop a game (or three).   She sees a 9-3 season (5-3 in the SEC).  She breaks down the SEC season like this:

The theme of Kentucky’s season will be “Revenge.”  While Kentucky will exact revenge on the “streak” of Florida and the domination by Tennessee and win those marquee games, South Carolina (in Columbia) is tired of losing to us, and they won’t this year.  Mississippi State will get revenge for last year’s thriller and catch us sleeping off a bye week.  Georgia will ultimately be too tough to take at the end of the season.  You can follow Kristin on Twitter @xksyorkx.



Terry Brown – Terry is easily the most optimistic of the Cameron Radio crew.  He has predicted a 10-2 season for the Cats, with them completing their non-conference games perfect.  The lone two losses he sees are against Mississippi State and Georgia.  Though most are picking UL to come into Lexington and steal a win, Terry says if the Cats have 8 or 9 wins when Louisville comes to town, Kroger Field is going to be a tough, tough place to play.  Based on these picks, it’s pretty obvious that Terry sees huge strides being made by the Cats this season.  You can find Terry on Twitter @TBrown_80.




Brooke Morrison – Brooke wants to be really optimistic and say the Cats will finish the season 9-3, but she believes a 7-5 finish is more realistic.   She noted that a couple of the SEC games will be very close and could go either way, but at this moment sees a 4-4 record in conference.  After finishing in the middle of the pack in the SEC, the Cats will head on to another bowl game to wrap up the year.  You can follow Brooke on Twitter @TotallyTwitched.




Andrew Bishop – New dad Andrew kept his picks short and sweet – 8-4 overall, with 5 SEC wins.  If you want to see occasional pics of his handsome new son, follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewBishup






Michele Brown – Last season, I was very optimistic and predicted 8 wins for the Cats (darn that pesky Southern Miss game!), so it’s only natural that I will predict an even more successful year this season.  I see a 9-3 finish (6-2 SEC, tied with FLA for first in the SEC East).  I think Kentucky stumbles a little and drops games at Mississippi State and at South Carolina, but unlike most of the Cameron Radio staff, I think we grind out a hard-earned win versus Georgia.  By the time Louisville rolls into town, the Cats will be a bit banged up and will lose a heartbreaker to the Cards at home, but they will rebound nicely and win their bowl game this year.  You can follow me on Twitter @ForeverBigBlue.

So there you have it.  If you like our picks or want to tell us how wrong we are, feel free to comment below!

Michele Brown
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