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August 26, 2017
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August 27, 2017
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Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat

Photo: Andrew Bishop,


There were two basketball games in Rupp last night. The stats or the score didn’t matter. The smiles and brotherhood told the story. Generations of former Kentucky basketball players came together for a common cause and the charities and fans were the winners.

Families gathered alongside the court as the Legends warmed up with balls and pictures in their hands hoping to get an autograph from some of their favorites. “Hey Dad who is that?” was a common phrase that was heard. “Son, he was one of the best to ever wear a Kentucky uniform,” was the always the response.

The attempts at three point shots were more numerous  than ice cream cones sold during the games.  This didn’t matter.  There they were…the players from the past once again on the floor at Rupp.  If you are a Kentucky fan it brought a mist to your eye.

The only disappointment was Kyle Macy did not get the chance to shoot a free throw. The crowd was waiting for the opportunity to watch him grab those socks one more time.

The Alumni Game featured former and current NBA players that once wore Kentucky across their chest. It was only fitting that Tyler Ulis made the first shot of the night. The three pointers rained and dunks slammed until the buzzer sounded. The laughter, high fives and hugs were still going long after the last shot attempt.

If the Top Ten on Sports Center featured smiles, laughter and hugs it would have been hard to pick a favorite from last night.

For those who say that Kentucky players are just here for a year or two and don’t care…show them pictures from last nights game. They are a family. They came together to help others, because that is just what a family does.


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