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Bowden to make his Wildcat Debut


Ohio freshman playmaker Lynn Bowden figures to make his collegiate debut Saturday at Southern Mississippi. Don’t expect to see former Ohio State star Maurice Clarett, who was part of the 2002 national championship team, there but he will be watching after serving as a mentor for Bowden in recent years.

Clarett had a tumultuous career at Ohio State before trying to force his way into the NFL early. He ended up on several lower level pro teams before going to jail in 2006 for robbery.

Many have compared Bowden’s talent to Clarett.

“It is good to be compared to somebody, but I can only be me. I am going to work and work to be me,” Bowden said. “But he (Clarett) is like a big brother to me. He makes sure I am on track and keeping my head right. I learn from some of his mistakes. He’s not perfect, but he’s still a human being. I don’t care what nobody thinks about him. He’s my guy.”

Clarett stayed out of Bowden’s recruitment.

“He believes in making your own choices. Big Blue Nation was for me,” Bowden said.

The freshman understands that not everyone appreciates his relationship with Clarett and many see it is a problem, not an advantage.

“I try to stay off social media. More things I don’t need to be distracted,” Bowden said.

Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow thinks Clarett’s relationship with Bowden is a “great thing” for the Kentucky freshman.

“I believe Lynn can benefit a lot from him. Now Maurice is in a different place. He’s a grown, mature young man. He’s looking at mistakes he made and he sees another kid people say is the best to come out of that area in 30 years,” Marrow said. “I think it has been a bonus for Maurice to mentor him and I just thank God that Maurice met him. I am very happy for that because he has been a help to Lynn.”

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