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September 7, 2017
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That’s So Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns just put the finishing touches on another eventful preseason and it was eventful for all the wrong reasons. Since returning to Cleveland as an expansion team in 1999 the Browns’ struggles have been well documented. Their litany of quarterbacks over that span has become the stuff of legend.

This summer they made sure that more head scratching moves were made for all the world to see. With their Week 1 opener against the hated division rival Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns decided that it was time to part ways with veteran cornerback Joe Haden.

It’s true that Cleveland did have some financial and health concerns about Haden. They had also explored trade options to move him in the past. Instead of holding on to him and continuing to seek a deal if that was their prerogative they opted to release him and allow him to go to any team he pleased. Haden stayed in the AFC North and promptly signed a three-year deal with the Steelers.

I can’t say that I blame Haden, I probably would’ve signed with Pittsburgh too. The chance to go at the Browns two times a year would have been too tempting to pass up.

As if that wasn’t enough, two days later the Browns parted ways with signal caller Brock Osweiler. That in itself is a smart move. Osweiler was a gigantic disappointment after signing a four-year $72 million free-agent deal with the Houston Texans. Upon being released Osweiler rejoined his original team, the Denver Broncos, for the veteran’s minimum of $775,000.

The Browns are still on the hook for his guaranteed 2017 salary of $16 million. This is just the way things shake out for the Browns because these are the decisions that they continue to make. Thinking that trading for Osweiler to begin with was a good idea . . .

On the bright side, they still have this year’s No. 1 overall draft pick Myles Garrett to trot out there Sunday and harass Big Ben Roethlisberger, right?


Expectation delayed. Garret’s debut is now on hold. Photo:

The former Texas A & M star (who could have helped out a great deal in preventing the Aggies’ collapse vs.

UCLA) made it all the way through is first camp and preseason as a pro only to be taken down by the dreaded high-ankle sprain that will now sideline him and delay his rookie debut.

This was not a dumb decision by the Browns, injuries are part of the game. But when you mix this in with the dumb decisions the Browns typically make it’s easy to see why this is so Cleveland Browns.

Hue Jackson, make the best of things as best you can, sir.

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