Jordan Jones’ Discipline Will Remain Internal, Hopefully the Proper Lesson Will Still Be Learned

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Jordan Jones’ Discipline Will Remain Internal, Hopefully the Proper Lesson Will Still Be Learned

Jordan Jones avoids suspension, future heckling from opposing fans is unavoidable. Photo:

Jordan Jones’ talent and potential for greatness is exceptionally high. The junior linebacker’s ability is equaled and sometimes exceeded by his emotion and intensity. His game is predicated on that emotion and intensity. In the season opener at Southern Miss the very emotions that make him so good got the better of him on the sidelines.

Interacting with opposing fans, no matter how nasty and rabid they are, is usually going to end badly for you as a player. It doesn’t matter how good of a reason you have to retaliate, Jones was reportedly taking up for Matt Elam, the player is going to end up looking bad. Besides, Matt Elam is a senior who has no doubt heard every heckle a student section has to offer. He was also in the process of having himself a pretty doggone good game against Southern Miss.

When it comes to interactions with opposing fans, or altercations of any kind, spitting on or at someone is about as low as it gets. It’s hard to disrespect anyone anymore than that. As a young kid I launched some saliva out of my mouth from a porch and it accidentally landed on another kid’s head and I found myself in a world of trouble with my parents. So when you purposely let some fly in another’s direction you’re asking for trouble. Notice the crowd’s immediate reaction after Jones had finally had enough. They pushed him and pushed him until he finally lost his cool and then cheered and jeered and pointed when they got the reaction they desired from one of UK’s players.

Everyone has a camera phone these days and the second guy, Jones in this case, always gets caught.

Once Jones’ actions came to light, he did have to pay the consequences for his actions.

His punishment is being handled internally and he managed to avoid being suspended. I personally was in favor of the discipline being external and Jones having to sit while Kentucky squared off against Eastern Kentucky in the home opener at Kroger Field but that will not be the case.

Hopefully he will get the proper message and learn from all of this and be better for it moving forward. When UK heads to Columbia to play the Gamecocks or Athens to face the Bulldogs you can best believe their fans will do their best to try to push Jordan and see if they can get him to crack.

It’s up to him to show that he can handle it.

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