We #BeatEKU But Still Got A Lot Of Work To Do

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September 9, 2017
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September 10, 2017
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We #BeatEKU But Still Got A Lot Of Work To Do

Mike Edwards smiling after the win. Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

Kentucky football is now 2-0. UK won a road game last week against Southern Miss, and today Kentucky beat EKU in front of the BBN at Commonwealth Stadium Kroger Field (still don’t enjoy typing that yet…). It wasn’t a pretty game though. Today we saw high snaps, penalties, poor play-calling, and honestly it looked like EKU could pick apart our defense with ease. I don’t know what it is about Kentucky Football, but even going back a couple years now… Kentucky always seems to play to their competition. Southern Miss could’ve easily won last week and late in the game today… EKU had a chance to tie it had they scored and connected a two-point conversion. With that being said, last year Kentucky beat a good Louisville team at Louisville with their Heisman quarterback (who may win it again this year). I don’t get it… but sitting at 2-0… I’m not going to complain too much.

Kentucky’s defense about to take the field. Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

Jon Toth and Boom Williams were missed today. I don’t know if the Big Blue Nation could’ve predicted how much we’d miss them. Nick Haynes did say after the game that he would be able to fix those poor snaps. With Benny Snell’s bruised ribs in the first half… I don’t see Sihiem King having the game-changing plays that Boom did last year. I hope I’m wrong though. I hope that if Benny’s ribs need more time to heal… that King goes into South Carolina next week and gets a couple TDs. If he does… that would be huge for his confidence. It’s not going to be easy beating South Carolina four times in a row. If we play like we played today… sadly, I don’t think we will win next week.

Mark Stoops looking on his Wildcats. Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

I think Bowden’s penalty was the right call (with the new rule), though I don’t agree with the new rule… he clearly targeted his shoulder. It stunk, because it was totally unnecessary as Johnson was well past where the penalty occurred.

With 330 words on some negatives… let’s look at some positives. The Cat Walk was great! No, I’m not joking. It was beautiful weather in the Commonwealth. The Big Blue Nation that was there… was loud and showed wonderful support. The students who were at the game were fantastic! There’s something special at Kentucky’s Cat Walks… if you haven’t experience it yourself… maybe this picture can help you a bit:

Kendall Randolph sharing a hug with a member of the Big Blue Nation. Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

Playing in front of the Big Blue Nation brings a lot of emotions out. From the moment the players took the field… it was very emotional. The team wanted to win this game. This team has a sense of ‘togetherness’ that I don’t think we saw this early in the season last year.

Several Kentucky Wildcats praying before kickoff. Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

Stephen Johnson is our guy. There’s no doubt about it. Barker may be our guy next year, but for the rest of the season… we need to cheer on and support Stephen Johnson. Johnson was 7-9 when the coaching staff put in Barker, but Johnson’s reaction was calm, cool, and collected. After Barker didn’t perform as the BBN had hoped… Johnson kept his poise… went back into the game and finished 15-22 with over 200 throwing yards and over 50 running yards. I believe he’s 9-3 as our starter and hopefully continues to add some wins in the near future. His 21-yard touchdown run today in the 4th quarter was HUGE! You can’t put words to the confidence he gave the team that he was going to do whatever it took to get the “W”.

Stephen Johnson running in a touchdown in the 4th Quarter! Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

Looking onto South Carolina… I believe we’ll be a big underdog, but I also believe if Benny gets some rest and heals those ribs… we could be going into the Florida game at home 3-0. Shoutout again to all the fans who came to a noon game against EKU and all the students who were there (and the majority stayed the whole game).

I’ll end this post with this picture… and I say:

Get someone in your life that looks at Denzil Ware the way Matt Elam does in this picture.

Denzil Ware and Matt Elam sharing a smile after beating EKU. Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com


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