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September 24, 2017
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September 24, 2017
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Last Night Was Their Night

All of the BBN on their feet... the entire game! Photo: Andrew Bishop,

So this morning at Church a friend asked me, “So, how did it feel to be there and experience that loss?” He was being genuine. He wasn’t be “that guy“. After thinking about it… I really thought hard about something this morning that no one else is talking about… I’ll get to that in a moment.

So what was the loss comparable to? Hmmm… let me try to compare:

  • It was like getting NBA 2K18 for your XBox when you have a Playstation. Not only did you get the game for the wrong system, but the person who gave it to you unwrapped it, so you can’t even return it. Actually… last night was worse than that…
  • It was like asking for three cheese coneys with no onion from Skyline Chili and getting a three-way and a coney with extra onion and no cheese. Actually… last night was worse than that…
  • It was like thinking you won the lottery, because “your numbers” showed up, but you forgot to buy the ticket that day, because someone broke into your car and stole all of your cash. Actually… last night was worse than that…

I could go on and on… so what was it like? It was like the Kentucky men’s basketball team lost in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Wait, what? Did I just compare a Kentucky football loss to a basketball loss? Yes. I did, and I mean it.

I’ve been at three or four Kentucky football games over the years where at some point during the game, the Kentucky basketball players are brought out for a round of applause. Last night was the night for that to happen. Sure enough during a timeout, the Kentucky men’s basketball team came out, but this year was different.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

In the past, this moment would be one of the only moments of the night that brought the fans on their feet. Last night, that wasn’t the case. The Big Blue Nation was already out of their seat. To be honest, it was like, “Yes, we love the basketball program, but we’re ready for this timeout to be over, so we can get back to the football game.” I’m serious. I never thought that bringing out the men’s basketball team wouldn’t be the highlight of a Kentucky football night. It was pretty special to see. Though we are super excited for the basketball season to get here… last night, it was clear that it was the Kentucky football team’s night. The Kentucky Football team deserved last night.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t end as we all would’ve liked, but at the end of the day… Kentucky is 3-1 and has a chance to become 5-1. We’ve got to continue to support these guys. I know if you’re a fan… you’ll be at Kroger Field next Saturday, and I hope we can try to make next Saturday a special night as well.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,


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