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September 24, 2017
Last Night Was Their Night
September 24, 2017
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My Flower Has Withered

Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

I’m writing this post, because it’s frowned upon to have a media credential and not post the evening of an event. That is honestly the only reason. I couldn’t even bare to attend the post-game interviews with the players and coaches.

Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

I don’t want to write anything as I’ve just spent an hour and a half in a car listening to nothing but an empty Red Bull can rattling in my door. There are certain takeaways from tonight that need to be addressed:

  1. Punch me in my face if you ever hear me say “This is our year!” referring to Kentucky Football ever again. All week I’ve been telling friends and co-workers that we were going to do it. I finally believed that this year was actually going to be our year, until Florida’s trick play put a dagger in the Kentucky Football momentum… then the writing was on the wall.
  2. Not covering an open man… TWICE… out of timeouts… is unacceptable. The fans deserve to see better decisions made. The fans were passionate and terrific tonight… and in my opinion… we will not experience an environment like tonight at Kroger Field for a long time.
  3. Missed tackles, high snaps, and dropped passes apparently will always plague the Kentucky Football team. The missed tackles on 3rd and 6 near the end of the game literally made me have knots in my stomach, because I knew what was coming… another touchdown for the Gators.
  4. Holding penalties when you have to do everything BUT get a penalty just re-wrote the same script. The streak is still alive, because the Kentucky Football program allowed it to be.

Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

I know the coaches and players are upset. I saw several players crying after the game on the field. I know the fans are upset. I saw grown men… weeping. I kept lifting up my camera at the end of the game to snap pictures of fans who were crying to try to get RTs or FAVs, but I couldn’t do it. Why couldn’t I? I felt what they were feeling, and if I knew someone was capturing the ‘heart ripped out of my chest‘ moment… I wouldn’t be happy. RTs and FAVs don’t outweigh genuine heartbreak.

The atmosphere tonight was perfect… the Big Blue Nation was on their feet the entire game… and up until Kentucky started playing ‘not to lose’… we believed this was our year.

When you change momentum, slow it down, and no longer play ‘to win’… you allow losing streaks to continue.

Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

I know the Kentucky players played their hearts out, but personally… I can no longer set unrealistic expectations (like potentially winning the SEC East) for Kentucky Football, because my heart can’t take it. I’m obviously not the happiest fan right now, but I’m still a fan. I’ll still cover the games, cheer on the Big Blue, and hopefully get some dope photos… but when it comes to actually believing that Kentucky Football is finally going to blossom… my flower has withered.

I will never give up on the Kentucky Football program, but it’s going to take a lot of time to get over this loss.


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