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Not Their Best

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

What can you say ‘bad’ when Kentucky is 4-1 in football? Isn’t it interesting that not too long ago we would do anything for four wins… and now we can get a bit upset when we set expectations on the team, and the team doesn’t live up to the hype. As I said in a previous post, Kentucky tends to play on the same level as their competition. Last year, at the end of the season, they beat Louisville at Louisville. This year, they struggled against Southern Miss on the road but were close to Florida at home. So what happened today to make fans boo? They only won by four against a not-so-good Eastern Michigan team.

A lot of people thought Kentucky should have won by at least two touchdowns (myself included). When the game starts and the crowd is on their feet… and you fumble… it’s hard to get the crowd fully back into it. The start of this game set the tone for the whole game in my opinion. It was a rather boring game and unfortunately it went down to the last play… against… Eastern Michigan.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

There were a few things to celebrate such as no high snaps, no interceptions, and a blocked punt, but it was clear… the fans wanted more. There are a lot of things that I don’t know:

  • I don’t know why Kentucky can’t just beat an opponent by 20+ or more at home.
  • I don’t know why Kentucky doesn’t throw to their tight ends more.
  • I don’t know why Kentucky chooses to run up the middle play after play (despite it not working the previous play).
  • I don’t know why Kentucky doesn’t let Stephen Johnson air the ball out more.
  • I don’t know why Kroger Field played highlights of Kentucky’s loss against Florida before starting the 4th Quarter tonight.
  • I don’t know why the Media Room runs out of chocolate chip cookies literally five minutes after the food is served.

I believe many of us have the same questions… ponder the same thoughts… and yet we still will show up next week against Missouri. Why?

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

We’re the Big Blue Nation. We support our Cats despite there being so many “unknowns“. The crowd at Kroger Field was about what I expected… it was similar to the crowd against EKU. With tonight’s win… I hope next week against Mizzou, Kroger Field is PACKED under the lights! There is no reason not to come out and support our Wildcats. Let me tell you something… if I’m showing up next week after spilling my Coke Zero all over a table in the media room tonight… then you should show up too.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

The important thing is Kentucky won tonight, and to be honest I was shocked on how well they responded after EMU scored early. Kentucky definitely did not give up, and they fought hard to get the win (despite missing two 50+ yard field goals). Had Kentucky lost tonight… I think a lot of fans would’ve jumped ship, but Kentucky’s defense came up big at the end with a Randolph interception just when EMU was picking up momentum.

Kentucky Football has a good chance to be 5-1 after next week’s game. Let’s focus on the positives… show up next week… and cheer on the Wildcats. After the game, CJ Conrad was walking toward me and said “Take it”, “Take it”, “Take it”. I honestly was confused… I looked around to make sure he was talking to me and not joking with a player about a P. Diddy song. Then… he stuck out his tongue and made a noise. I busted out laughing… well… truth be told… this picture pretty much sums up tonight’s game:

Photo: Andrew Bishop,


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