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Women’s Basketball Fan Day is a Fun Day

There were no fireworks, no flashy light shows, no big announcements over the PA system.  Instead, diehard fans of Kentucky Women’s Basketball filed into Memorial Coliseum on Sunday and got to spend time talking with players and coaches.  With several “stations” set up, there were fun activities for all ages and it was clear these fans love their lady Cats.

A select group of fans was ushered in at 4:00 for some serious one-on-one time with players, then at 5:00 the doors were opened to everyone.  With no official speeches or presentations, the story of this event is best told in pictures (with just a touch of additional commentary because I just can’t help myself).

The Photo Booth


Fans lined up to get a souvenir photo made with one or more players to commemorate the event.  I may have spotted some of the players taking multiple pictures of themselves when there were lulls in the line.  Clearly, this was a hit with everyone involved.

Balloon Hats


Jaida Roper obviously loved her balloon hat.  While talking with her about her snazzy attire, I asked if we could expect to see that hat make an appearance on the court anytime soon.
“Is there a rule against them?  Can you look that up?  I mean, if it doesn’t specifically say ‘no balloon hats’, then I think we’re good!  Now I just have to convince Coach Mitchell that these hats should be a thing.”

I agree, Jaida.  I totally agree.

Games, Games, Games

Take a couple of favorite games like Connect-4 and cornhole and then supersize them.  What do you get?  Bigger fun!

Who could resist playing these giant versions of some of our favorite games?

Just Hanging Around

By far, the bulk of the fans’ time was spent just talking to the players and coaches.  One thing was crystal clear:  the coaches and players enjoyed talking with the fans as much as the fans enjoyed talking with them.  While the number of fans seems small in comparison to men’s basketball, these folks are just as passionate and devoted.  While it sounds cliché, it truly was a family-like atmosphere.

Autographs and pictures were to be had everywhere.  This team shows amazing chemistry already which bodes well for the upcoming season.

 Final Thoughts

The players are very excited about the upcoming season and Roper promised a “younger, faster team.”  Taylor Murray was asked by a fan if she was going to keep showing the great moves she displayed last year.  Murray’s response was simply, “That and more.”

I can’t wait to see it, Taylor.  Go Cats!

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