Kentucky Gets By Missouri 40-34, Drags Themselves to the Bye Week at 5-1
October 8, 2017
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October 9, 2017
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Kentucky Is 5-1, Why You Trippin’?

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The Kentucky Wildcats are 5-1… in football… and I don’t understand why I’m hearing so much negativity. Here’s some of the things I’m hearing…

Q: “Stephen Johnson looked a little shaky last night… are we sure he’s ‘our guy’?
A: Stephen Johnson is 12-4 in his past 16 regular season games. Let that sink in. Also, the past two years on multiple occurrences he has risked his body by leaping over defenders to get the extra yards. He’s our guy.

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Q: “The coaches make such poor play-calls. I never agree with anything they do. Should we trust them?
A: What about the recruiting they’ve done? The decision to fake the punt and have Kash Daniel get the first down last night? Or… to remind you again… the Cats are 12-4 in their past 16 regular season games.

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Q: “Kentucky looks beat up… how are we sure the bye week will really help?
A: Well… we really don’t know how the Cats will play after the bye week, but I think the players need a rest. Multiple Cats went down last night (including Naquez Pringle seen below), and we cannot forget that Kentucky is winning games without Jordan Jones. Jones may be back after the bye week which would be HUGE for the Cats’ lapse in defense recently.

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I will say that the way Kentucky has been playing… when I left the game last night… I personally felt like they could’ve played better. It didn’t feel like an SEC win. I guess it’s not a terrible feeling to have, because we’re winning SEC games… however I just don’t like these games coming down to the last play of the game.

I loved how wonderful the Big Blue Nation was last night. I wanted Kroger Field to be sold out, but the crowd wasn’t bad at all… in fact, it was better than I expected. The fans were loud and stood a lot of the game. Kroger Field (Commonwealth Stadium) finally feels like a true college football atmosphere, and it’s fun to witness.

Overall: Lynn Bowden was phenomenal with roughly 50 receiving yards and another 79 yards off of kick returns. Benny Snell did Benny Snell things with a huge 71 yard run for a TD. Drake Jackson got a lot of PT and looked wonderful. Austin MacGinnis is the greatest Kentucky kicker I’ve witnessed. Stephen Johnson threw more than usual (which I loved) and made some major running plays… again.  Kentucky’s defense wasn’t the best, however, they caused some turnovers which helped Kentucky get their 40-34 victory. Kentucky has a chance to contend for the SEC East.

Lastly, thoughts and prayers go out to Luke Wright and his family and friends. I was right on the sideline near him when he had his seizure. It was really hard to watch and see the coaches and players react. Drew Barker did a great job by holding up a Gatorade towel to shield the cameras for Luke’s sake. When something like an injury or a seizure happens… it really puts in perspective that life is much bigger than the pigskin on the field… let us never forget that.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,


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