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October 22, 2017
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A Lot Of Coaching

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

So my dad asked me how Friday night went at the #BlueWhite game. The first thing that came to my mind was “a lot of coaching.” If you were at the Blue and White game… kudos to you. The Big Blue Nation was there, cheering loud, and surprised some of the new Cats. PJ Washington mentioned to me after the game that he was ‘shocked‘ at how many people showed up for the scrimmage. It was unfortunate that he, Quade, Diallo, and a few others suffered from cramps during the game… but I guess that’s what preseason scrimmages are for.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

There were some great dunks, some sweet passes, and a few Wildcats hit some three-pointers, but what I really enjoyed seeing was the way Quade Green reacted to being coached. After almost every play that he played a role in… he would look over to Coach Cal or an assistant for correction and coaching. It was almost like he was eager to be coached. You’ve got to love seeing this from your young point guard. Point guards are known for being floor generals in time, but Quade is already embracing it. Usually sitting on the court taking pictures… you hear Coach Cal yelling at players. However, on Friday… I heard Quade Green. Yes, Quade Green was yelling to his teammates on both offense and defense instructing his teammates the whole game. Quade wasn’t just being coached… he was coaching… and he wasn’t just coaching freshman at that.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

The biggest shock of the night for me was when Quade Green was fouled by PJ Washington. Quade got up and said, “What’s up with you bro?” He wasn’t saying it in a friendly way. PJ just smirked and started walking down the court. Quade got up next to him and kept up the conversation. I think disagreements, annoyances, and common teammate situations like that tend to happen all the time and isn’t a big deal, but I’m an “integrator” where I like all relationships to be 100. All we can do is hope this team bonds closer than ever and cheer them on over Thomas More this Friday!


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