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This “Might” have happened at the Women’s Clinic

If there was a Hall of Fame or perhaps an Alumni Group for Coach Cal’s Women’s Clinic I think I would be a member. I have attended all since Cal arrived in the Bluegrass and will make the drive to Rupp for my ninth on Sunday.

Throughout the years, I might have stretched a few of the rules. I might have embarrassed myself but it has always been one of my favorite days of the preseason.

The number of participants has dictated changes in the clinic. The venue has been moved from Memorial Coliseum to Rupp and the ability to have one on one interaction with the players is limited to the end of the clinic for autographs. Participants have to be “tricky” in order to get photos as the players are seated with ropes. This is understandable considering the 1000 plus that will be in attendance.

Events that might have happened during past clinics:

Conversation overheard…
Participant: Hello Coach Calipari, how are you?
Coach: Doing well and you?
Participant: I think I might wet my pants.

Participant gets “lost” from group and ends up in kitchen talking to Patrick Patterson as he enjoys his macaroni and cheese.

Participant has 15 minute conversation with Tony Barbee in locker room thinking he is a maintenance worker.

Josh Hopkins asks participant if she wants a picture. She says no, has no clue who he is.

Participants pats Terrence Jones on the back after taking a picture and he thanks her for the mom pat because he misses home. Jones immediately becomes her favorite player of that year.

Participant again gets “lost” from the group, ends up in locker room and gets in locker to take picture with shoes.

Participant might have tried to climb into hot tub at Rupp locker room.

Then, there are times like this…

John Short had never had the opportunity to meet Coach Cal and with the assistance of Eric Lindsey his dream came true during the 2015 clinic. Moving John through the crowd of 750 women to meet call was not an easy task. John is a rockstar himself and had to stop and pose for pictures along the way. The willingness of fans to allow John to break line was touching to the point of tears. This will always be my favorite memory.

The ladies of the BBN will wear their blue and white. They will hang on Cal’s word and if given the chance someone will ask, “Do you think we will beat Louisville?” They will stand in line for autographs and participate in practice drills. A video will be shown and eyes will become misty. I will be right there with them.


Follow myself @tcox5470 and @ForeverBigBlue for live updates from the clinic tomorrow!!



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