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October 30, 2017
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October 31, 2017
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Step by Step (the Cats are improving)

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

The NCAA finally got something right,  approving a game for charity that could be added to the current schedule. Thus allowing the rare opportunity for fans to experience a Division 1 game in Rupp at a discounted price.

Watching the faces of those not accustomed to lower arena seats was priceless.  The crowd has never been louder during the player intros.

My highlight of the night occurred when I passed the ice cream stand and a small boy looked up to his dad and said, “We’ve got to try the ice cream Dad. I hear it is the best.”

The game was as expected…well almost.  When the Eagles cut the lead to three the “newbies” at Rupp brought the energy.

Morehead State struggled with the length of the Kentucky. At times arms were flying so much it resembled human windmills in the paint.

The Eagles roster includes 10 new guys, including 6 freshmen securing them a spot in the top twenty youngest teams in Division 1. Kentucky as expected is number 1.

Player notes:

Kevin Knox has no idea how good he is. He just plays ball. Team ball.

  • Photo: Andrew Bishop,

Weyen Gabriel is more under control and has improved his 3 point shot.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

Gilgious-Alexander is going to see a lot of playing time. Cal seems to like to combo of him and Green together.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,


Kentucky led most of the game but midway through the second half Morehead State cut the lead to 3. I can only imagine how many fans were screaming at their radio, phone or computer.

The proceeds ($500,000) from the “Kentucky Cares Classic” will be donated to Team Rubicon. The funds will assist their mission of providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters.


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