It Wasn’t Just About the Center
November 4, 2017
Cats Drop Heartbreaker to Ole Miss, 37-34
November 4, 2017
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Same Story…

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

We’re all frustrated. It’s the same story… different game. Just when Kentucky goes up 10 points and a few people are thinking ‘they’re going to put Ole Miss away‘… Kentucky football becomes Kentucky football. I’m not as upset as I was when Kentucky lost to Florida. I don’t know why. Perhaps the Florida loss prepped me for this… but it’s going to be extremely difficult to get fans not to completely switch over to basketball.

With the basketball season starting this upcoming week… tonight’s game against Ole Miss really would have helped fans stay interested in the Football Cats. Whether it was a dropped pass, three straight run plays up the middle, or poor play-clock management… we all can think of reasons as to why Kentucky lost this game. I’m hearing everything from “Fire Gran”… to “Coach Oops”… to “Classic Kentucky”…

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

I do still believe in this team. CameronRadio had a ‘prediction contest’ for the Cats before the season started, and I said 8-4 would be tough to get. That’s looking more realistic. I’ll stick to my original 8-4 guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we go to 7-5 or even 6-6. A lot of faith for many fans was lost tonight for Kentucky. Losing 37-34 at Kroger Field was just… devastating. I don’t know how else to say it.

Benny Snell played fantastic adding more touchdowns to his resume. Stephen Johnson at one point was 17/18 throwing the ball. Kentucky found CJ Conrad (as so many fans have asked for all season long). There were some positives, but the reality is the negatives outweigh the positives. My heart has never felt as many emotions in such a short amount of time then when watching Kentucky football. When Ole Miss “fumbled” the ball at the end… I thought… there’s no way this is happening… this doesn’t happen. Sure enough, the fumble was overturned.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

I can write an article about clock management, but at the end of the day… nothing I say will change the loss. Kentucky lost. Just when it appears Kentucky is going to take a step forward in their football program… they take a step or two back. Kentucky is bowl-eligible, and we still have a few games left… on to the next one.


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