Mountains, Music, “Muggins” and More With Trampus King

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November 8, 2017
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November 11, 2017
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Mountains, Music, “Muggins” and More With Trampus King

Trampus Kin, and his band, Stoned Age, will be performing today at 4:00 p.m. Photo:

Trampus King, and his band, Stoned Age, will be performing today at 4:00 p.m. Photo:

More often than not, when talking to and interacting with people you will find that they are proud of where they are from. Typically they will have fond memories of the place that they call home even if they aren’t currently residing there.

I’m no different. There are a lot of Harlan County Kentucky natives like myself who echo these same sentiments. There are a lot of people from our little corner of southeastern KY that are doing big things and fortunately I’ve been able to write about, or talk with them on our little radio show, or both.

Bernie Bickerstaff, Freddie Maggard, Charles Tinsley, George Massey, Brandi Childers-Romines, Anthony Ravizee, Lewis Morris, Rene Cornett, Eddie Creech, Cameron Carmical, Virgil Prinkleton and if I’ve omitted anyone I sincerely apologize.

Yesterday I got to add Trampus King to this list. Trampus helped anchor the D-line on the last Cumberland Redskins football team to play in the state championship game. After his football days concluded he, along with J.J. Augusta and Jr. Eads, formed the band Stoned Age in 1992 and made music and traveled the world.

They have always made an effort to give back to the Tri-Cities and Harlan County area and they are in Cumberland this weekend doing exactly that. They will be performing a benefit concert for the Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund today at 4:00 p.m. at the Godbey Appalachian Cultural & Fine Arts Center on the campus of Southeast Community College.

The concert will be held in honor of Jim “Muggins” Bennett, who passed away on July 10, 2017. Muggins was a huge supporter of the Empty Stocking Fund and helped countless Harlan County families in any way he could throughout his life. As kids growing up, Muggins also proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was the baddest school bus driver that ever lived. Trampus referenced this in our conversation too. Muggins had a CD player hooked up in his school bus and he got everyone’s day off to a great start.

You name it and Muggins played it. Soul II Soul, Digital Underground, Xscape, Boyz II Men, Bell Biv Devoe, De La Soul and the list just went on and on. There just wasn’t a better ride from Lynch to Cumberland to get to school anywhere!

So if you’re in the Cumberland area go see Trampus, (who lists Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash as his main musical influences) put on a show today at the Appalachian Center 700 College Rd in Cumberland, KY. It’s going to be a fun event, Trampus won’t have it any other way!

More info is available here:

You can hear the full conversation with Trampus and Jr. Eads on our show here:

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