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The Good…The Bad

Good: The Eruption Zone was packed tonight.
Bad:    There was not much erupting in the second half.

Good: The Cats out-rebounded Troy 52-29.
Bad:    The Cats won by 8 points.

Good: The Cats held Troy to 36% shooting.
Bad:   Again, the Cats won by 8 points.

Good: Kentucky never trailed Troy.
Bad:   The Cats won by 8 points.

Good: December will be here soon. This should be a different team in
a month.
Bad:   Right now this team is not bad but they are far from good.

Good: The first half we showed improvement. The Cats played
a complete half.
Bad:    The second half.

It’s early and they are young and there are still many questions to be answered about this team.

Who is going to be the leader on the floor?

Will Richards become the player the CATS need him to be?

Can Green develop defensive skills as to not be a liability?

Will Cal “pull his hair out” before this season is over?

Is Vanderbilt the missing piece of the puzzle?

Coach Cal warned us we would have to be patient with this young team. Patience is not a virtue the BBN exhibits.

This team will improve. This team will grow. I like this team.

After all…nothing really matters until March.



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