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November 25, 2017
Kentucky Football: Where Do We Go From Here?
November 25, 2017
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Not a good day at Kroger Field

Mark Stoops challenge now shifts from ending the Florida streak to keeping his team focuses solely on Murray State. Photo: Andrew Bishop,

photo credit Brandon Walker @unsungheromedia

I am supposed to write a recap of today’s game against Louisville. I am struggling to find the words to even describe the game. There was no spectacular moments. There was no “Stevie got loose moments”. There was no chance we were going to win this game from the opening kickoff.

The tone of the game was set when the “brawl” happened. I will spare you the posting of the video as I am sure Kentucky fans have watched it many times.

Should Jackson have been ejected? Should Jones have been ejected? The referees somehow determined not to eject but to allow the Heisman winner to continue to play.

We witnessed the falling apart of Kentucky’s defense. Louisville’s receivers were wide open for every throw sent by Jackson. Jackson ran at will against the defensive line and anyone else in his way.

Jordan Jones was out of control the majority of the game. His antics on the field, on the sidelines and during timeouts only confirmed that there is a discipline problem with this team.

If I am a coach and you walk away from a time out huddle, you are not reentering the ballgame no matter what. You have to respect your coaches, teammates and the game.

Stephen Johnson was three feet over the head of his receivers on most throws. When there was an opening he ran. When there wasn’t a play he was sacked. This was not the way his last game on Kroger Field should have ended.

Benny Snell was Benny Snell. Twisting, turning and plowing through the Cardinal defense to gain yards. He carried three players on his back just to reach the first down marker.

The regular season has now ended.  This season could have been special. The schedule was perfect for a “dream season, however it never unfolded.

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