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February 10, 2018
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Be Careful What You Wish For

This post if not meant for everyone. This post is specifically being written for those of you that are brave enough to blast players, coaches and fans on social media, yet do not have the “guts’ to if given the opportunity to speak such opinions to ones face.

“I am done. I am going to find a new team to root for.”

If this is you here is my message: You probably should do that. The BBN is large enough that I am confident you won’t be missed. I am relieved because if you do this you will not be sending me anymore “private messages” asking for help in getting tickets, signed basketballs or autographs.

“I am so tired of one and done. We need players I can get to know. I am tired of learning a new team each year. I am not going to watch anymore.”

One and done is not Kentucky Basketball it is college basketball. I encourage you to find a team that would not welcome with open arms an elite recruit. This is just the way it is. Get over it.

“Cal is losing his recruiting touch. We keep losing the top recruits to Duke.”

Wait…you don’t like the one and done player but yet you are angry when we lose a recruit to Duke. If you want players to stay for three or fours years they are not going to be one of the top recruits.  Pick your poison.

“I am so over this team. They suck. They don’t know how to play together. They have no heart.”

I’d like to remind you that these “kids” are 18 and 19 years old. Please google the video of Fox and Bam after losing last year to North Carolina. I have a feeling when this team makes it’s March run these are the fans that will be taking selfies in their UK gear proclaiming their allegiance to this team.

The small section of the BBN that fits any of the above criteria have had their wishes granted this year. We have no player with the talent of a John Wall or Anthony Davis. We have two guys that came back from last years team. We have a roster that will likely just lose two or perhaps three players to the draft. We are learning and growing. The one thing that remains is WE ARE KENTUCKY.

Be careful what you wish for……

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