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How #BBN became a Nation…

Chris Connelly, @xl_BAZINGA_lx on twitter and his wife, Reena caught their oldest son, Ryder (6) reading “Built Blue” to their youngest son Wade, who is only one month old.  This is exactly how and why #BBN is a nation.  It starts young and doesn’t stop and it flows from generation to generation.


  1. Stephanie stinnett says:

    I wish all of our Big Blue Nation Family would stand up for and rally behind and SUPPORT our team. It’s ok to be disappointed with a loss..it’s normal to “think” if you were the coach, you would do something different. But the fact is, your not the coach..you have not endured the pressure, the enormity of the weight of us..the fans and the expectation wearing that uniform carriers When #BBN family members post negative insulting angry comments, the only benefit goes to the next team we play and to the fans everywhere that have always been envious of our dynasty and our fans un-waivering loyalty. They have been afraid of our pride and we don’t quit attitude. I wish and pray that our Blue Bleeding wall of UNITY PRIDE WILL and DETERMINATION not allow our legacy to be tarnished . Every mistake, every loss, is an opportunity for our players to learn not only the basketball lesson…but equally important …Win… Lose …Final 4 or No Final 4…This family stands beside them. They should never have to fear ugliness from their fan-family. My wish is that our players and coaches feel the support, belief, pride and thanks every single day

  2. Tina says:

    Thank you so much for your comment, it perfectly sums up a “true” Kentucky fans emotions. I hope as this season progresses the positive shines through the negative. We are Kentucky and we are family.

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