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Arrrrrrr…Pirates at Myrtle Beach


Who doesn’t have a little Pirate in them?

If you are like me and do, then a perfect part of any vacation to Myrtle Beach, S.C., has to be Pirates Voyage.

The 90-minute show features non-stop action. At times, the pace is so fast that you may actually have trouble keeping up with everything — and that’s not normally the case with any family dinner show.

This is for all ages, too. The night we visited, I’m not sure if senior citizens, young children or adults somewhere between those ages had the most fun.

You’ll get sword fights. You’ll get acrobatic acts that will dazzle you with the way performers fly through the air in various ways. There are fountains of water and a fire scene that is intense.

I’m not sure if many of the performers are former cheerleaders and/or gymnasts or maybe both. The stunts they pull off — including numerous dives/falls into the water — are terrific.

This is the seventh season for Pirates Voyage after the theater was renovated following the closing of Dixie Stampede. It now has a 750,000-gallon indoor lake that is 15 feet deep but the theater has a cozy feel where every seat is close to the action and has a view so you don’t miss anything following the story of the infamous Blackbeard, one of the best known pirates ever.

Parrots and sea lions are part of the how. Myself, I love parrots and that just made it even better for me.

And how can you not like a show with some Dolly Parton music.

The pre-show was entertaining as well with some balancing and juggling acts. My favorite — the limbo because there’s no way I can comprehend how anyone can go that low. The pirate sing-along got a lot of audience participation as well.

Youngsters can dress up as pirates or mermaids — and there are mermaids in the show — or have their faces painted. I watched a lot of kids with swords, bandanas and ear rings enjoying being a pirate for a few minutes.

You also get more than enough to eat with soup, bread, roasted chicken (my favorite), BBQ pork, corn on the cob and baked potato along with a turnover for desert. I love to eat, but it was more than I could eat.

We had a great time at this show and have only one regret — we didn’t have our grandchildren with us. But we will take care of that in mid-June because this is one show I know they’ll enjoy as much, it not more, than I did.

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is located at 8907 North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. For ticket information call 843-497-9700 or go to

Photo provided by Pirates Voyage

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