UK Alumni Association hosting pregame pep rally in Atlanta
March 20, 2018
Kansas State Wildcats 61, Kentucky Wildcats 58
March 23, 2018
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This Bandwagon has room…jump aboard!

If there was ever a question if the BBN would go to Atlanta it was answered on Thursday afternoon.  The streets were filled with Kentucky fans sporting their blue and white strolling through Centennial Park making their way to Phillips Arena.

Chants of “Go Cats” could be heard in the concession lines and a nervous energy surrounded the BBN.

This was not supposed to happen this year.  After all, we are the youngest team in the nation.  We had a four game losing streak.  We struggled offensively and defensively.  A portion of the fan base jumped off the bandwagon.  Some calling for the firing of Coach Cal and the benching of Diallo.

Then March happened.  The madness began for Kentucky with the championship game of the SEC tournament.  Then during a road trip to Boise for the first round of the tournament the sea parted.  First the Arizona upset, then the Virginia and finally the Cincinnati Bearcats.

So here we are in Atlanta…One game at a time CATS…One game at a time.


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