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March 23, 2018
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March 25, 2018
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There Was Some (Hand) Shaking Going On

Wenyen Gabriel, Nick Richards, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Hamidou Diallo, Kevin Knox and the rest of the Cats ended the Kansas State game in the handshake line, just like they’ve ended all of the others. Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

There have been some things that never happened before for the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team that happened to them this season.

They had never lost four consecutive games under John Calipari. The Cats had never lost in the Sweet Sixteen during his time in Lexington.

Kentucky had never ever lost to Kansas State no matter who their head coach was.

After falling to Kansas State in Atlanta last night all of the above have now happened. The Wildcats from Manhattan used a fast start early on and then kept the game slow, ragged and devoid of rhythm the rest of the way. They did what they had to do to hold on and grind out the win.

The big hullabaloo came after the game when Kentucky was accused of not shaking hands before exiting the court.

This is being made out to be 1991 Pistons vs. Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals.

It really isn’t anywhere near that serious, and there’s also visuals to the contrary.

It got to the point where enough was enough. UK Deputy Athletic Director was there court side, like he always is, and tweeted out some clarification.

The Kentucky players did go through the customary handshake line. The Kansas State players were still celebrating. If Kevin Knox, PJ Washington and the rest of the team attempted to shake hands with the Kansas State guys while they were still jubilantly celebrating something would have been said about that too.

Kentucky’s season didn’t end the way they wanted it to, but they did end the game by shaking hands just like they have done all season.

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