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The Struggle Was Real

Photo: Andrew Bishop, CameronMillsRadio.com

I dread writing this post every year. It puts an exclamation point on the fact that the Kentucky Basketball season has ended. It is a goodbye. It signifies the beginning of the “drought.”

I left media days in October saying to myself, “ what a nice bunch of kids.” In retrospect that perhaps was one of the downfalls of this team.

There was no “alpha dog” on this team. Like him or not, Isaiah Briscoe was a fighter. His attitude and actions were just waiting for an opposing player to irritate him. He was willing to get in faces and forget about the rules. Demarcus Cousins, Michael Kidd-Gilgrist and Tyler Ulis are a few more alpha dogs to be mentioned. This team lacked that presence. Was it a factor? One will never know.

I have never struggled with a team like I did with this team. They were painful to watch at times and other times they played like a fine oiled machine. Fans never knew what they were going to get. I spent a lot of time sitting on my coffee table willing them to a last minute win. I never gave up. I never talked trash. I did struggle.

There was a four game losing streak, a streak that was broken and a section of the BBN that gave up. They called for the firing of Coach Cal and declared the team to be barely NIT worthy. They used social media to attack the players and yet…the jumped back on the bandwagon when the team brought home the SEC Tournament trophy.

There were ups and there were downs. The team had an opportunity and they were unable to seize it. The season ended unexpectedly. We were defeated by a team we should have beaten by 15 points. It just wasn’t to be this year. Everything was a struggle. Nothing was easy.

Twitter has gone back to being political and the final game of the college basketball season will be played tonight. It is officially time to sit back, hope the sun shines soon and dream of what might be next year.

I pulled into my driveway tonight and noticed the GO CATS wreath on the door. The wind was blowing my UK flag on the small post in my yard. It was time. I got online and my hotel reservations for Kentucky vs. Duke on November 6th in Indianapolis.

Until then…

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