Blue-White Spring Game Offers Glimpse Into What We Can Expect in 2018

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April 13, 2018
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April 14, 2018
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Blue-White Spring Game Offers Glimpse Into What We Can Expect in 2018

By: Michele Brown

It was an absolutely beautiful evening in the Commonwealth.  After many false starts over the previous few weeks, spring seemed to be making an earnest appearance.  In short, it was a perfect night for the annual Blue-White Spring Game at Kroger Field.

Because of a variety of injuries that made depth a real issue, the coaching staff decided on a unique game format.  The Blue team was the offense for the entire game, while the White team was defense.   Scoring was as follows:

  • Offense earns 2 points if they start a drive with consecutive 1st downs, then 1 point for each additional 1st down.  However, if the drive ends in a field goal or touchdown, normal scoring overrides any points earned during the drive (6 points TD, 1 point PAT; 3 points FG).
  • The defense could earn points by forcing a turnover (4), 4th down stop (2), force a 3-and-out (2), sack (1) and a tackle for loss (1).
  • There were no kickoffs and punts occurred, but only the punter, snapper, and returner were on the field, with no return.

Makes perfect sense, right?

UK Athletics Director talked to Denzil Ware after the Blue-White Game.

So what can we learn from a format like this that bears little resemblance to an actual game?  Turns out, we learned several things.

  • We learned A.J. Rose is greatly improved and, with Benny Snell, Jr., Kentucky should have a most impressive ground attack this fall.
  • Gunnar Hoak and Terry Wilson both showed great promise at the quarterback position.  Coach Stoops noted in his post-game remarks that both players have strengths and weaknesses, but a decision on who will start the season at QB1 will not be made until fall.
  • We have a lot of great options at the receiver positions.  Brent Slusher, David Bouvier, and Lynn Bowden, as well as Zy’Aire Hughes, had some nice catches.  There should be plenty of healthy competition with this group to see who gets the majority of plays when the season kicks off.
  • Stoops said that all the injured players are all on track with their recovery/rehabilitation and he expects all of them to be available at the beginning of the season.

A.J. Rose post-game remarks:

Terry Wilson post-game remarks:

Coach Mark Stoops’ full post-game comments here:

So, on this April night, we learned that Kentucky Football has a lot of promise for a great season this fall.  Yes, we have to determine who our starting quarterback is.  Yes, we have to replace UK’s all-time leading scorer, placekicker Austin MacGinnis.  Yes, we have a number of injuries to overcome before September arrives.  But on this April night, all of those things seem attainable and a very successful season seems very possible.  And that’s exactly what I choose to believe.  Get ready for another fun ride, BBN!

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