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May 9, 2018
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It is about more than football


Kentucky football players Josh Paschal and E.J. Price both recently got baptized at Consolidated Baptist Church in Lexington.

Central Kentucky FCA director Aaron Hogue was there because Paschal, a freshman linebacker, is heavily involved in UK’s FCA chapter. He also wanted to be there to “encourage and support” offensive lineman Price, a USC transfer.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops was also at the baptism. Remember, he gave Price a second chance to stay on the team after a spring practice Twitter tirade where he said he quit the team and criticized UK coaches. Yet he was at the baptism to support both Paschal and Price.

“Mark is really busy but he always tries to support his guys. Not too many Division I coaches are doing that,” Hogue said. “He is very supportive of his players and cares for his players. He encourages them despite his busy schedule.”

However, what makes Stoops’ support even more impressive is that he got back from an elementary school trip to Washington, D.C., with his son and other students, teachers and volunteers. The bus rolled back into Lexington about 2 a.m. Sunday — or just a few hours before the baptism.

“For him to still show up to support those guys, that’s pretty awesome,” Hogue said about Stoops. “He had other meetings to go to that day, but he still came. To me, that’s a really cool part of the story about the baptism.  Not many coaches would do what Mark did.”

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