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Flowers and Flags Challenge

On Veterans Day 2015, Preston Sharp (then 10 years old) visited the grave of his grandfather in Redding, California. As the young man placed a flag and flowers on the grave he noticed the number of veterans whose gravesite were without flags or flowers.

Preston set a goal that day to place a flower and flag at each of the veteran’s graves at McDonald’s Cemetery in Redding, California. In order to raise funds, he spoke to community groups, he offered to do odd jobs and soon his goal was achieved.

But that wasn’t enough for Preston. He expanded his goal to honor every surrounding town’s veterans from Redding to Sacramento, California. When the summer of 2017 had ended this goal was also accomplished.

The young man rallies communities together to clean headstones, clear debris and place an American Flag and red carnation on the grave of each veteran.

As of January 2018 over 40,000 veterans have been honored with the help of Flowers and Flags Challenge, the organization founded by Preston. The ultimate goal is to have each veteran in all fifty states honored.

Matthew Bradford decided when he met Preston at the State of the Union Address in Washington, D.C. in December that this “challenge” needed to be brought to Kentucky. Matthew started organizing and the plans have been finalized.

The Flags and Flowers Challenge will be held at Camp Nelson Cemetery in Nicholasville on June 14th. Preston will be in attendance as 10,000 Veterans will be honored. A flower and flag will be placed on each headstone, the veterans name will be announced followed by “thank you for your service.” This will be a time to honor those who have served this great country.

This is a community event and everyone is encouraged to attend. Volunteers are also needed.

Matthew Bradford has designed a shirt which is currently for sale that will assist in the costs of flowers and flags. The shirts can be purchased by contacting Matthew Bradford at matthewbradford86@gmail.com or Amanda Bradford at a.bradford5@hotamil.com The cost of each shirt is $20.00.

Tap House in Nicholasville will be sponsoring a fundraiser on Sunday, May 20th starting at 3 p.m. and lasting until 6 p.m., proceeds will be donated to Flower and Flag Challenge.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer or donate please contact Matthew Bradford on Facebook or @bionikmatt5 on Twitter.

“Honor Veterans Every Day, not just on a Holiday”
Preston Sharp


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