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I Will Hold Your Hand


“There is nothing like being a grandparent.”
“Just wait until you see that baby for the first time.”
“It is just a different kind of love.”

These are just a few of the quotes I have heard from friends during the past few years. I could not understand it. After all, I have two children that fill my heart daily with love and pride. Then, on May 15th my whole world changed when I saw my son holding my first grandchild through the window of the nursery.

The feeling cannot be described. It is just different. She stole my heart the moment I saw her in my son’s arms. My sweet Caroline.

Last night, her tiny hand wrapped around my finger as she laid in my arms. I explained to her how much fun we were going to have. If she wanted to wear a princess dress with Converse it would fine with me. We would paint our finger nails different colors and dance to Uptown Funk.

She has no worries. The world is perfect in her eyes at this moment.  There are no problems.  She only knows love.

Her tiny hand will not stay small long. However, there are a few things I know for sure:

As she begins to walk, I will be right beside her to catch her if she falls. I will hold her hand.

As she grows, I will cheer for her in victories and comfort her in defeats. I will hold her hand.

As the years pass and my hand becomes (more) wrinkled, whenever she needs me, I will hold her hand.

Welcome to the world Caroline Renee.

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