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Marcus Walker…Unanswered Questions

Marcus Walker was officially dismissed from the UK football team following his arrest. A statement from Coach Stoops announcing his dismissal was issued. No further comments were offered.

Coach Stoops is required to do nothing more. Perhaps the silence is due to the ongoing investigation, which I respect but if Walker is found guilty there is a problem. If he is found not guilty there is also a problem.

Every person gets their day in court, “innocent until proven guilty” can often be a long process and the dismissal by Stoops only raises questions as to the possible fact there were other circumstances surrounding Walker’s arrest and dismissal.

A search warrant was issued and executed after the police responded to report of a domestic dispute. The police located marijuana, cocaine, a large amount of cash, scales and other drug paraphernalia in the apartment. The evidence all led to the arrest of Walker.

Walker has pleaded not guilty to the charges and will receive his day(s) before a judge and or jury. However, it seems UK has issued their verdict of guilty before the proceedings begin.

If Walker is found guilty there are some problems within the program. If a player has a large amount of cash available he isn’t eating the meal plan or eating with teammates at Taco Bell. If he is dealing it goes without saying there are teammates who would be aware. If other problems were identified prior to his arrest were any steps being made to address the problem(s)?

If he is found not guilty there are problems within the program. Walker will be released to join the community with nowhere to go. He no longer has his scholarship which provided all the necessities to survive.

There have been disciplinary problems within the program. Coach Stoops has stood behind the actions some player have displayed on the field and suggested that they have been addressed. Time will tell.

It is understood that an amount of privacy for student-athletes must be maintained by the coaching staff however this raises the question of how much is there we don’t know?

Football is 90 days away. Here’s hoping there are no further incidents and Walker gets his day in court.

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