In the Biggest Week of His Life, Kevin Knox Takes a Minute to Reflect

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June 18, 2018
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In the Biggest Week of His Life, Kevin Knox Takes a Minute to Reflect

Don’t let the quiet demeanor fool ya! Kevin Knox has and will have love for Kentucky.
Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

The 2018 NBA Draft that once seemed so far in the distance is now right upon us. It seems like the college basketball season just ended and speculation was abounding as to how guy’s would handle the feedback they received from NBA teams and scouts and who would stay in the draft and who would return to Lexington.

Kevin Knox will be added to the long list of former Kentucky Wildcats to hear their name called fairly early once the draft gets under way Thursday evening. Contrary to what some fans believe the decision to leave wasn’t as easy for him as many may have thought.

Contrary to what some fans may have thought, Knox loved Kentucky and really enjoyed his time in Lexington.

This was evident in one of his tweets earlier today. He responded to a long, ongoing thread of tweets where people were flaunting the positives about their state or university.

Kev went in strong and got historical with it too. For those of us who have been around a tad longer there are a myriad of other Cats that could have been added to his list to further back his claims. But take a minute and think about it from Kevin’s perspective.

John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins committed to Kentucky when Knox was nine! That was over half of his life ago!

If Knox, who is three days away from the biggest moment of his life, was only concerned about the NBA would he have taken the time to tweet how he felt about UK? This isn’t the course of action that someone who couldn’t care less would take. On Thursday evening he will find out where he will be living for the next few years, but he still has love for the place where just spent his last seven months.

His quiet demeanor (the West Virginia game was the exception) may have given off a vibe that the passion wasn’t burning and bubbling on the surface. Like so many of his fellow one and done predecessors, Knox has grown fond of Kentucky and once again proves that it doesn’t take long for the fondness to develop.

From a fan standpoint it is more difficult to get to know Knox than it was Kenny Walker or legends from other eras, but that isn’t Knox’s fault. BBN will just have to try to know these guys as fast as possible (docs like Inside the Madness: Kentucky Basketball will help with that) and enjoy their journey before they move on.

Just know that for the overwhelming majority, the notion that they don’t care is simply a false narrative.

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